Terms and conditions



Customer - a party ordering works or services or using the website in general.
Contractor  - company, organization or person who carries out construction, installation works according to the Customer's order.
Lessor - a company, organization or person who provides machinery rental services.
Website - a virtual platform of ESTATAU.LT (website address www.estatau.lt) for Clients (Customers/Contractors/Lessors/etc.).

Basic terms and conditions

Construction work

1. Searches are performed on the principle of unit work costs.
2. The Customer provides all the materials needed to perform the work.
3. Tools, mechanisms, etc. are required to perform the work. - must be valued at the price quoted by the Contractor.
4. Search Customer as little as are indicated as an indicative of.
5. The Customer may at any time, after paying a fee of 1 Eur, "reveal" the contacts of any Contractor. If it happens that it is not possible to reach an agreement with the Contractor, the Customer can pay another 1 Eur to "reveal" another Contractor’s contacts of his choice, etc.
6. The Customer can reveal contacts at any time (both before and after the search term).
7. Once a search is paused, it cannot be resumed. If necessary, the search is republished.

Machinery rental

8. Searches are performed on the principle of unit machinery rental rates.
9. The Customer search advertisement indicates the indicative lease term.
10. Customer at any time by paying a fee of EUR 1 to "reveal" the best refer to prices refer to the proposed lessor contacts. If it happens that it is not possible to agree with the Lessor on the best price, the Customer can pay another 1 Eur to "reveal" another Lessor’s contacts of his choice, etc.
11. The Customer can reveal contacts at any time (both before and after the search term).
12. Once a search is paused, it cannot be resumed. If necessary, the search is republished.
13. Photos of the mechanisms are provided for general purposes only to make it easier for both Lessors and Lessees to post a search/submit offers. The site is not responsible for the actual compliance of the mechanisms with the template photos provided on the site.

General terms and conditions

14. ESTATAU.LT provides the Customers with a virtual platform, i.e. the Website, where the Customers (Looking for) have the opportunity to publish Construction Works or Machinery rental search advertisements very simply and quickly, and the Customers (Offering) to submit offers.  
15. ESTATAU.LT provides only technical means for publishing information and providing offers on the Website and will in no way participate in the Contract/Rental or other transactions related to the rental of construction works and machinery offered on the Website between the Clients (Customers/Contractors/Lessors).
16. By using the Website, you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions of this agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Rules), agree to the Rules and undertake to comply with them.
17. Use of the Website within the meaning of these Rules includes the performance of all and any actions when the Customer connects to the Website using an Internet connection. For the purposes of these Rules, the Services include, but are not limited to, all and any actions that Customer may take on the Website, including, but not limited to, posting searches, reading published information, submitting offers, asking, sending and receiving questions, information and/or data of any kind (hereinafter referred to as Services). By using the Website and/or Services in any way and form, the Customer unconditionally and irrevocably undertakes to comply with all the requirements set forth in these Rules. If the Customer does not agree to unconditionally and irrevocably assume and comply with all obligations set forth in these Rules, he is not entitled to use any services of the Website.
18. Part of the Services provided on the Website are provided to the Customer for a fee (hereinafter - Paid Services). Paid Services, their price and ordering procedure are described and specified in other sections of the Website.  
19. In addition to these Rules, the provisions of the legal acts, conditions and rules of the Republic of Lithuania provided on the Website and established good business practice shall apply to regulate the relationship between the Customer and ESTATAU.LT.
20. If any provision of these Rules is contrary to law or becomes invalid in whole or in part for any reason, it shall not invalidate the remaining provisions of the Rules.
21. The Customer, when getting acquainted with the Advertisements / Services on the Website, accepting the offers published on the Website or providing advertisements / offers and otherwise using the Services, acts independently, at his own risk and is responsible for all consequences and obligations arising from his behavior and use of the Website.  
22. Any publication or making available of information on the Website is not considered an offer of ESTATAU.LT to conclude a transaction.
23. All notices and information between the Customer and ESTATAU.LT will be sent by electronic means: to ESTATAU.LT - to the addresses indicated on the Website, to the Customer - to the addresses indicated during registration in the profile.  
24. All intellectual property rights to the Website and all its content, including copyrights, industrial intellectual property rights, company names, know-how, commercial and industrial secrets, belong to ESTATAU.LT.
25. By using the Website or Services and/or providing, entering or otherwise sending any information or data to the Website, the Customer grants ESTATAU.LT the following exclusive rights to such information or data free of charge, for an unlimited time and in an unlimited territory:

  • the right to use, publish or distribute in any form or by any means by sale, lease, lending or other transfer of ownership;         
  • the right to change, create derivative works from the information provided by the Customer;     

26. The Customer agrees that ESTATAU.LT has the right to use the photographs or other information of the Advertisements without disclosing the Customer's personal information. The Customer agrees that his Advertisements/Offers and other content published by the Customer, including any intellectual property, become a part of the Website database, are stored by ESTATAU.LT or its authorized persons and used in the manner prescribed by law for an indefinite period of time.
27. Any processing, copying, encryption, reprogramming, redirection or other use of the Website content, design by third parties without the written permission of ESTATAU.LT and non-compliance with the Rules is an infringement of intellectual property and other rights punishable under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Customer undertakes:

28. Provide correct personal information, including an e-mail address, contact phone number, etc.
29. Do not use the Website or the Services to engage in illegal activities or transactions or to commit fraud, or to engage in any activity that may harm any person or their legitimate interests.
30. Ensure that the information and data provided by the Customer when advertising or using the Website:

  •  does not contain viruses or other computer programs or files that may interfere with the normal operation of the Website or Services, be placed on the Customers' computers and as a result cause damage to the Customer or his property;        
  •  does not advertise or publish information that mentions third parties directly or indirectly competing with ESTATAU.LT.     

31. Do not collect, store, transfer to other media, make available to the public, publish or distribute the Website data about any actions of the Website users, including data about offered/searched services/works, etc.
32. Store the Customer's login data in such a way that it is not known to third parties, except for the persons authorized by the Customer to represent the Customer in the use of the Services.
33. Immediately notify ESTATAU.LT of any changes in the information provided by the Customer (provided when registering on the Website) or data, update and change the information in the website's profile in a timely manner.  ESTATAU.LT will act in relation to the Customer considering that the data provided by the Customer is correct.
34. Immediately notify ESTATAU.LT by e-mail if the Customer's data required to use the Website has been lost or become known to third parties, if the illegal disclosure, theft or illegal use of login data has been committed.
35. Place advertisements in accordance with the Rules and the Advertisement Placement Form or elsewhere on the Website. By placing the Advertisement, the Customer assumes full responsibility for the compliance of its content with the terms of the Rules and the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. By providing the data in the advertisement, the Customer confirms and guarantees that the provided information is true, accurate and complete.
36. When placing the Advertisement, as well as editing, updating or the like, the Customer must:

  •  Publish ads in thematic categories/groups relevant to their content.         
  •  Do not post meaningless Ads or Ads with meaningless characters or word strings.           
  •  Offer / search for one job, one machine rental, not several in one advertisement;         
  •  Do not include additional images (company logo, etc.) or inscriptions in the advertisement photos, only photos relevant to the performance of work or rental of machinery;       

37. By using any Service, Customer acknowledges that he/she:

  •  is a capable natural person with all powers and rights;         
  •  understands and agrees that with the Customer's consent to these Rules, only such legal relations are established between the Customer and ESTATAU.LT, which are directly and clearly provided for in these Rules;         
  •  understands and agrees that in the event that the Customer's data required to use the Website becomes known to third parties, such third parties may assume obligations that will become binding on the Customer and undertake to assume and properly perform such obligations.         
  •  understands and agrees that ESTATAU.LT will process and manage the Customer's personal data in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and Rules.

ESTATAU.LT rights and obligations

38. ESTATAU.LT has the right to restrict or terminate the Customer's right or access to the Website, including modification of any information provided by the Customer to the Website, cancellation of the Customer's Advertisement, cancellation of the Customer's account and prohibition of the Customer to re-register on the Website if Customer:

  • violates these Rules or fails to comply with its obligations under these Rules, as well as applicable law;         
  • provided incorrect or misleading information when registering or using the Website or the Services;         
  • intentionally and knowingly disseminates fraudulent or incorrect information on the Website, insults other persons or otherwise, in the opinion of ESTATAU.LT, behaves improperly;         
  • it is requested by the competent authorities or it is necessary in the cases provided for by the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;         
  • ESTATAU.LT suspects that the Customer, using the services, has caused or may cause a threat to the security of other users of the Website;       

39. ESTATAU.LT has the right (but not the obligation) to monitor the Customer's actions on the Website at any time, including the monitoring of the Customer's Advertisements.
40. ESTATAU.LT has the right at any time in its sole discretion to remove the Customer's Advertisements or any other information provided by the Customer or to make the Advertisements (information) invisible, as well as to cancel the Customer's registration if, in ESTATAU.LT's opinion, they violate these Rules., applicable legislation, etc.
41. ESTATAU.LT has the right at any time at its own discretion to change the Website and/or Services (part thereof), to change or rearrange the Advertisements in order to make the Website more convenient to use, to change the Advertisements, Website functions and any other information, as well as information.
42. ESTATAU.LT has the right to edit and block Advertisements that do not comply with the Rules or legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. About the penalties applied for violation of the rules, the Customer is informed Customer specified e-mail. The right of ESTATAU.LT specified in this clause does not release the Customer from the responsibility for the compliance of the provided information with reality and legal acts.
43. ESTATAU.LT has the right to receive payment for the provided Services according to the prices indicated on the Website. ESTATAU.LT will provide the Customer with an invoice for this upon the Customer's request.
44. ESTATAU.LT has the right to terminate the Website at any time without prior notice.
45. ESTATAU.LT has the right to publish on the Website, as well as next to or together with the Customer's Advertisement, any information and/or Advertisements of itself or third parties, including persons competing with the Customer, except for information the publication of which is prohibited by applicable rights acts.
46. ESTATAU.LT may, without separate notice to the Customer, use third parties to perform any actions related to these Rules, as well as transfer to third parties their rights and obligations arising from these Rules.

Paid services

47. The Paid Services, their prices and the procedure for their use are described and indicated on the Website, in the section "Basic Terms and Conditions". The price of the Paid Services and other conditions may also be specified on the order page of each specific Paid Service.

Personal data

48. ESTATAU.LT handles personal data provided by the Customer during the registration or later using the Website or collected in other ways by ESTATAU.LT, i. e. collect, use, store, transmit, only lawfully, transparently and fairly, and only to the extent necessary to achieve the objectives. ESTATAU.LT processes the Customer's personal data in accordance with these Rules.

Limitation of Liability

49. Use of the Website is considered to be impeccable if the Website and the Services can be used 85 percent of the time per year. ESTATAU.LT is not liable for any malfunctions of the Website and Services caused by the fault of the Customer or third parties, and if the Customer or third parties suffer losses or damages due to these malfunctions.
50. ESTATAU.LT is only responsible for the technical placement of the information provided in the Advertisement on the Website, if the Advertisement complies with all the requirements of the Rules, and for the technical support of the database of this Website.
51. ESTATAU.LT is not and will not be responsible for any discrepancies, inaccuracies or errors in the information on the Website and the resulting negative consequences for the Customer or third parties.
52. ESTATAU.LT is not responsible for any damage or loss that the Customer may suffer while using the Website and by sending, publishing and in any other way transmitting or making publicly available any information.
53. The Customer undertakes to ensure that ESTATAU.LT never be any legal responsibility, the obligation to pay or otherwise compensate for any loss, damage or any other century of expenses incurred due to the Customer using the Web site.
54. The Customer understands and agrees that ESTATAU.LT is not and will not be liable for the Services not provided to the Customer or not provided in a timely manner due to the fault of third parties, including, but not limited to, Internet, mobile communication providers, etc. If the Customer is unable to use the Paid Services due to the fault of third parties, the fee for the Paid Services is not a refunded to the Customer.
55. ESTATAU.LT's liability to the Customer or third parties arising from these Rules is limited to the amount of 10 (twenty) euros. The limitation of the amount of liability of ESTATAU.LT is related to the price of the offered services and the nature of the services. The limitations of the amount of liability provided for in the Rules do not apply in cases when they arise due to the intention or gross negligence of ESTATAU.LT.

Changing and updating the rules

56. As the Website is constantly improved and developed in order to ensure more convenient and safer use, ESTATAU.LT has the right to unilaterally change the Rules.
57. ESTATAU.LT will notify the Customer about the changes in the Rules by announcing it on the Website. Changes to the Rules will take effect upon their publication on the Website.
58. By using the Website after the changes to the Rules take effect, the Customer confirms that he has read such changes and fully agrees with them.

Final Provisions

59. In any case, the rules of the law of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply.
60. All disagreements between ESTATAU.LT and the Customer regarding the implementation of these Rules are resolved through negotiations. If the parties do not resolve the dispute by negotiations, such dispute shall be finally settled in the courts in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
61. The Customer must submit a written request or complaint regarding the activities of the ESTATAU.LT website to the ESTATAU.LT portal and indicate his/her requirements. Send such letters to the address info@estatau.lt. If you do not agree with ESTATAU.LT's answer, the Customer can apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service, website www.vvtat.lt, or fill in the application form on the Electronic Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform at http://ec.europa.eu/odr/.
62. The Rules shall enter into force from the moment when the Client approves, they agree with them and are valid for the entire period of the relationship between the Client and ESTATAU.LT.