1. The search term specified in the advertisement has not yet expired, but I am satisfied with the offers submitted by the Contractors/Lessors (Customer) and I want to start coordinating the execution of works/provision of services. Can I "reveal" the Contractors/Lessors contacts before the search term expires and the search is stopped?

Answer: Yes, contacts can be revealed at any time.

2. I stopped the search, but if I can't reach an agreement with the Contractor/Lessor, I want to continue the search, can I do it?

Answer: No, if the search is stopped, it cannot be resumed. A new search must be published.

3. I submitted my bid in the ad (Contractor/Lessor), but I see that another Contractor/Lessor has submitted a better price, I want to submit an updated lower price bid. Can I do that?

Answer: Yes, Contractors/Lessors can update their bid an unlimited number of times until the end of the ad.

4. How are the following types of searches different:

  • Auction (lowest prices)
  • Proposed unit rate


  • Auction (lowest prices) - The Customer does not indicate the right price for him/her in the advertisement. Contractors/Lessors submit their bids. Accordingly, their bids are submitted to the Customer according to the priority of the best price.
  • Proposed unit rate - The Customer indicates the appropriate rate in the advertisement. Contractors/Lessors can offer both higher and lower rates.

5. I uploaded my ad/search, but saw that I made mistakes - how can I fix them?

Answer: Pause your search (among the ads in my profile) and resubmit your search.

6. How does a subscription work?

Answer:The ad options you select in the "Subscription" section send you e-mails with newly uploaded ads that match your selections. They are sent every day (once a day) until 1 p.m.